My wife and I try to watch every preseason you have. When we miss one we have registered for, we try to watch the replay when it is offered.

We have also shared your presentation notices with our friends to also register.

We just want you to know how much we treasure what you do!

Your presentations are so special, instructive, educational, informative, and enlightening that we feel we have learned and seen something you offer that no one else in our world is offering as far as we know. We thank you for all the hard work you do to put these wonderful presentations together. What you do means so much to us.

Thank you for all you are doing to enrich our lives and our knowledge base.


Marshall and Charlett Frumin, M.D.


       Your presentations are such exceptional works of information and artful photographic excellence that my wife and I salute your talent and unselfishness in sharing your expertise with so many who are blessed to see your work.

       Please include our email to receive your announcement of the repeat showing of Himalayas, Part 1.

I watched your show today with awe and excitement, but my wife was unable to see it today.  She would really enjoy your re-showing when available in 2-3 weeks.

With sincere thanks to you,

                     Marshall Frumin, M.D. (and Charlett R. Frumin)

Marshall Frumin MD


My wife and I have been watching your wonderful, informative picturesque “creations” since we first learned of your expertise. Your travelogues are so exceptional-we learn so much from you!   We plan to watch every one we are invited to see.

All we can say is thank you.   We love your special advice comments-like that directional information to see Yaffo in Israel when you were showing Tel Aviv!

And also your advice: “get a guide”!

Thank you very much,

Marshall and Charlett Frumin

Marshall and Charlett Frumin

Nino…thank you for hours of totally enjoyable arm chair travels…

You’ve kept me enthused and eager see more of the world.


Judy Higgerson

Judy Higgerson

Hi Nino,

Thank you so much for the travel slide shows!  I have really enjoyed the programs and the beautiful pictures.  You include so many beautiful areas, the people, history and natural wonders.  I appreciate all the hard work you have been doing during the pandemic and beyond.  At a time when travel is difficult, and has been nearly impossible, I have enjoyed the presentations and I want to thank you for sending links to the recorded programs.  I hope to take one of your tours one day soon!

Julie Mah


Dear Nino

Thank you for your generosity of time and expertise.

You offer such a wonderful programs.




Hello Nino:

What can I say about the subject presentation you made on Saturday, June 26th?

I have no appropriate superlatives to express the magnanimity of your presentation.

It was just fantastic.

Having an Indian heritage, I never knew the details of the Indian history and super architecture that exists in North West, North East and South India. I had heard of it a little bit but yesterday I saw it in reality.

It was a great history lesson for my wife Manjri and I.

Keep up the great job you are doing.

Thank you very much.

Raj Dhami

Pratham LA Chapter

Raj Dhami

Dear Nino.

I watched your South Africa Webinar yesterday on my laptop for the second time.  Really enjoyed it more than on our big TV as the sound is better and I don’t miss a word of  all your interesting comments and stories.  You do such a great job, Nino, both Photo and Information wise.  It was fascinating and I was spellbound from beginning to end.  And best of all is that it portrays your love of travel and people and that you really enjoy presenting and sharing this with others.  Such passion for the wonderful job you do must give you enormous satisfaction and sense of purpose.

As you can imagine found so many changes from Fall of 1991 when were there—mainly in the size of the cities and infrastructure for tourism,  although even then South Africa was a modern country with an enviable highway system and wonderful hotels and resorts and cuisine.  Especially remember the Maharani hotel in Durban and the beautiful Sun Properties along our route.  And I remember the countryside being so spectacular which your show reinforced.  We were there just six months after Apartheid ended so there was euphoria in the very air which made being a tourist very pleasant.

I strongly agree with you that, along with Rio de Janeiro,  Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It has grown, however, from a kind of sleepy formal place where I was refused entry to a hotel restaurant one night because I was wearing a very elegant but denim skirt!  How I would love to go back and visit the places we missed while there like the North Cape when the day we had planned to go was too stormy to venture out on the road.  We were lucky though to get to visit a Protea Expo that day at the Waterfront and it was gorgeous.  The variety and colors were unbelievable and fed my flower loving soul.  We also missed out on the penguins.  I don’t think we knew about them or maybe they are more recent,  but I did get to see the Fairy Penguins on Phillip Island when in Melbourne in 1996.

So many memories, Nino!  Beautiful Knysna where I had the very best oysters ever;  The Drakensburg Mountains where we did some spectacular hiking to see the petroglyphs  and rock art done by the San Bushmen;  Whales engaged in a courtship ritual off the coast at Glentana;   One of my favorite keepsakes ever—an ostrich egg beautifully hand painted with a Baobab Tree;  Kruger Park—wonder if one still just goes around finding animals in one’s own vehicle?;  The incomparable Bird Life;   Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe where our plane had to abort the landing because of elephants on the runway.   Which brings me to your Lion experience.  What an exciting adventure and encounter you had!!  I love it and especially the Photos of the angry beast!

I will try and find some of my favorite photos to share with you.  Thank you, Nino, so much for your show and for taking me down Memory Land to the African continent.

Looking forward to your South India show this weekend.  Good luck!!


Donna Jurado

Hola Nino,

I enjoyed watching your Himalayas 2 show even more the second time!  Such great photos to reinforce memories of our wonderful 2000 journey.  From the incomparable  Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling to Mt. Kailash it was magnificent!!  And Bhutan was, and I hope still is, a Shangri La of beauty and peacefulness. You were so lucky to see the Black Necked Cranes at Phobjika.  We missed them there but remember we did catch some of them up on the Tibetan Plateau.

Tibet has certainly been the highlight of all my traveling and I am so thankful that we were able to experience it in 2000 before the Chinese Deluge.  Surely a lot of the local color has been lost with 95% Chinese population and having a Blacktop road all the way to Everest Base Camp would certainly put a damper on the excitement and adventure of driving there.  Having it all to ourselves that day contributed to the spiritual experience.

We also still have our bottle of water from the Rongbuk Glacier.  It has been in the frig with a “Do not drink” sign on it and still is a fresh and pristine as when collected 20 years ago!!

Of course I still would love to go to Mt. Kailash—it will happen in my next life I am sure.   Did you do the trek around the Mountain?  Thank you again,  Nino, for planning that incredible 2000 trip and for joining us for part of it.  And for sharing all these wonderful photos and memories with us.

Donna and Elena Jurado


As usual, “you knocked the ball out of the park” on Saturday!  It was a very informative, fun journey through the Middle East.  Thanks for including me.

Best, as Always, David

David Jon Bowman

David Jon Bowman