Marshall Frumin MD


       Your presentations are such exceptional works of information and artful photographic excellence that my wife and I salute your talent and unselfishness in sharing your expertise with so many who are blessed to see your work.

       Please include our email to receive your announcement of the repeat showing of Himalayas, Part 1.

I watched your show today with awe and excitement, but my wife was unable to see it today.  She would really enjoy your re-showing when available in 2-3 weeks.

With sincere thanks to you,

                     Marshall Frumin, M.D. (and Charlett R. Frumin)

Marshall and Charlett Frumin


My wife and I have been watching your wonderful, informative picturesque “creations” since we first learned of your expertise. Your travelogues are so exceptional-we learn so much from you!   We plan to watch every one we are invited to see.

All we can say is thank you.   We love your special advice comments-like that directional information to see Yaffo in Israel when you were showing Tel Aviv!

And also your advice: “get a guide”!

Thank you very much,

Marshall and Charlett Frumin

Judy Higgerson

Nino…thank you for hours of totally enjoyable arm chair travels…

You’ve kept me enthused and eager see more of the world.


Judy Higgerson


Hi Nino,

Thank you so much for the travel slide shows!  I have really enjoyed the programs and the beautiful pictures.  You include so many beautiful areas, the people, history and natural wonders.  I appreciate all the hard work you have been doing during the pandemic and beyond.  At a time when travel is difficult, and has been nearly impossible, I have enjoyed the presentations and I want to thank you for sending links to the recorded programs.  I hope to take one of your tours one day soon!

Julie Mah


Dear Nino

Thank you for your generosity of time and expertise.

You offer such a wonderful programs.



Raj Dhami

Hello Nino:

What can I say about the subject presentation you made on Saturday, June 26th?

I have no appropriate superlatives to express the magnanimity of your presentation.

It was just fantastic.

Having an Indian heritage, I never knew the details of the Indian history and super architecture that exists in North West, North East and South India. I had heard of it a little bit but yesterday I saw it in reality.

It was a great history lesson for my wife Manjri and I.

Keep up the great job you are doing.

Thank you very much.

Raj Dhami

Pratham LA Chapter

Donna Jurado

Dear Nino.

I watched your South Africa Webinar yesterday on my laptop for the second time.  Really enjoyed it more than on our big TV as the sound is better and I don’t miss a word of  all your interesting comments and stories.  You do such a great job, Nino, both Photo and Information wise.  It was fascinating and I was spellbound from beginning to end.  And best of all is that it portrays your love of travel and people and that you really enjoy presenting and sharing this with others.  Such passion for the wonderful job you do must give you enormous satisfaction and sense of purpose.

As you can imagine found so many changes from Fall of 1991 when were there—mainly in the size of the cities and infrastructure for tourism,  although even then South Africa was a modern country with an enviable highway system and wonderful hotels and resorts and cuisine.  Especially remember the Maharani hotel in Durban and the beautiful Sun Properties along our route.  And I remember the countryside being so spectacular which your show reinforced.  We were there just six months after Apartheid ended so there was euphoria in the very air which made being a tourist very pleasant.

I strongly agree with you that, along with Rio de Janeiro,  Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It has grown, however, from a kind of sleepy formal place where I was refused entry to a hotel restaurant one night because I was wearing a very elegant but denim skirt!  How I would love to go back and visit the places we missed while there like the North Cape when the day we had planned to go was too stormy to venture out on the road.  We were lucky though to get to visit a Protea Expo that day at the Waterfront and it was gorgeous.  The variety and colors were unbelievable and fed my flower loving soul.  We also missed out on the penguins.  I don’t think we knew about them or maybe they are more recent,  but I did get to see the Fairy Penguins on Phillip Island when in Melbourne in 1996.

So many memories, Nino!  Beautiful Knysna where I had the very best oysters ever;  The Drakensburg Mountains where we did some spectacular hiking to see the petroglyphs  and rock art done by the San Bushmen;  Whales engaged in a courtship ritual off the coast at Glentana;   One of my favorite keepsakes ever—an ostrich egg beautifully hand painted with a Baobab Tree;  Kruger Park—wonder if one still just goes around finding animals in one’s own vehicle?;  The incomparable Bird Life;   Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe where our plane had to abort the landing because of elephants on the runway.   Which brings me to your Lion experience.  What an exciting adventure and encounter you had!!  I love it and especially the Photos of the angry beast!

I will try and find some of my favorite photos to share with you.  Thank you, Nino, so much for your show and for taking me down Memory Land to the African continent.

Looking forward to your South India show this weekend.  Good luck!!


Donna and Elena Jurado

Hola Nino,

I enjoyed watching your Himalayas 2 show even more the second time!  Such great photos to reinforce memories of our wonderful 2000 journey.  From the incomparable  Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling to Mt. Kailash it was magnificent!!  And Bhutan was, and I hope still is, a Shangri La of beauty and peacefulness. You were so lucky to see the Black Necked Cranes at Phobjika.  We missed them there but remember we did catch some of them up on the Tibetan Plateau.

Tibet has certainly been the highlight of all my traveling and I am so thankful that we were able to experience it in 2000 before the Chinese Deluge.  Surely a lot of the local color has been lost with 95% Chinese population and having a Blacktop road all the way to Everest Base Camp would certainly put a damper on the excitement and adventure of driving there.  Having it all to ourselves that day contributed to the spiritual experience.

We also still have our bottle of water from the Rongbuk Glacier.  It has been in the frig with a “Do not drink” sign on it and still is a fresh and pristine as when collected 20 years ago!!

Of course I still would love to go to Mt. Kailash—it will happen in my next life I am sure.   Did you do the trek around the Mountain?  Thank you again,  Nino, for planning that incredible 2000 trip and for joining us for part of it.  And for sharing all these wonderful photos and memories with us.

David Jon Bowman


As usual, “you knocked the ball out of the park” on Saturday!  It was a very informative, fun journey through the Middle East.  Thanks for including me.

Best, as Always, David

David Jon Bowman

Donna Jurado

Dear Nino

‘What an incredible adventure for mountain lovers. Elena and I watched your Himalayas I webinar last night and the mountains in that area are truly magnificent. Such a beautiful part of our world and you do such a great job presenting it.  Thank you again, Nino.’

Re Countries of the Persian Gulf

‘We watched your show on our big TV and the photography was absolutely spectacular—so very many really stunning photos.  Yes, you are correct in that it was an eye opener but also a mind blower!  Simply had no idea of the extent of development in those countries.  And the architecture and design—no words to describe it.  It’s not only so beautiful but so interesting and pleasing to the eye that it’s almost other-worldly and ethereal , and so innovative.’ Thank you so much, Nino, for a marvelous tour of the Gulf Countries—truly amazing photography and presentation.  Sending you a virtual Abrazo for all your dedication and hard work to make this show possible today.’

Donna Jurado

Alyce Stick

Dear Nino,

What a fabulous journey you took us on! Your extensive coverage of each country gave us such a broad view of so many diverse places, and many inspirations for future travels. Your perspectives are so informative of culture, architecture, cuisine, geography, and more. And your photography is astounding! Especially appreciated, knowing the challenges of getting perfect shots while traveling.  Thank you so very much for sharing your world experiences and broadening our horizons.

Best regards,

Alyce Stick

Ros Mandelberg

Dear Nino

My friend just thanked me for giving her your email.  She loved Iceland and is looking forward to your next presentation.  I was there and have to  go  back as I had no idea that there was so much more to see. I love all your slide shows and don’t mind seeing all of them again so whatever u choose I will be looking forward to seeing it.


Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise.  Your slides are just magnificent

Ros Mandelberg

Bhupendra Soneji

Dear Nino,


I do not know how to begin this email but my heart bounces with joy knowing you through your karma yoga. And specially when I saw your Iceland presentation, I was so moved I had no choice but to write to you. You showed a gateway to heaven. You are so blessed with the art of photography, art of oratory, and art of presentation full of inspiration. When I heard that you are going to repeat the Iceland presentation, I felt I must, with your kind permission, inform all my friends not to miss this rare opportunity.

Ever, ever grateful
Bhupendra S. Soneji

Kiran Bakshi

Hello Nino:

My family and I enjoyed the tour of Iceland with you last Saturday. Indeed, PHENOMENAL, breathtaking description and photography you shared. We will definitely want to go visit Iceland with you, once this pandemic gets over! Thanks for all you do as you share your awesome experiences and insights especially about places, culture and customs of these wonderful countries.

Happy New Year to you and your family

Have a Wonderful Day !

Kiran Bakshi

Rhonda Drake

Dear Nino

I am hoping you continue to repeat the first ten shows from back when you first started doing this…those are the ones I missed.  Thank you so much!!

You do the most outstanding travel show I have ever seen!!  I can see how much work you put into it… your knowledge is amazing; and your narrating skills superb!

Your shows give me so much to look forward to, and keep me from getting too depressed during this pandemic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rhonda Drake

Again, Thank you for your outstanding travel shows!!  I am international traveler and have been so depressed about having to cancel my trips this year and not able to make plans for future trips yet.

Words can’t explain how you have made me feel alive again, with your enthusiastic, authentic, expert narrations and beautiful photos.

I missed many of your first shows, and am hoping you will be able to re-run those.

You are the best! Thank you, thank you,

Rhonda Drake

Joanne Baker

Dear Nino,

This was the first time I’ve attended your slide shows.

I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday’s one and learned a great deal about all three countries that I actually knew little of.

Only problem is I want to travel NOW and feel with covid restrictions, we have our hands (and feet) tied.

Looking forward to next session.

Thank you so much!

Joanne Baker

Rhonda Drake

You are definitely the highlight of my every week.

I love how you explain trips….and how realistic and authentic you are.

Thank you so much.

I plan to attend as many as I can for as long as you so generously give them.

Rhonda Drake

Karen and Bart Beckman

Hello Nino,

I want to tell you how much we are enjoying your weekend webinars.  With our travel options reduced, they have been a great way to see far away places and reminisce about past trips.

Thank you,

Karen and Bart Beckman

Anthony Smart

Dear Nino:
First thank you for your brilliant, educational, and entertaining presentations. You enable me to
experience places to which I have never been, and indeed at my age probably never will. Your
Saturday Afternoon talks are a welcome break from this day-to-day similarity of our locked-down
electronic lives.

I would like to say just a few of the many things I enjoy
and like best about your talks:
 I respect and admire your dedication to preparing and giving these electronic talks.
 I greatly enjoy your sharing experiences that I can never expect to have.
 I enjoy your amazing collection of pictures unlike any with which I was formerly familiar.
 Your personal photography and choice of imagery is excellent.
 I delight in your worldly experiences, cultural differences, and perspectives.
 I like your cultural and historical contrasts; here and there; then and now.
 I have only been to 37 countries – I walk in your shadow.
 Please continue to share your wonderful experiences.

Thank You

Anthony E Smart, Costa Mesa CA

Nancy Pakdel

Namaste Nino,

Thank you so much for the beautiful trips to lands far away.  We especially enjoy seeing the native people in each country and any stories you can share.

You were fortunate to have made these trips when it was possible to do so, and experience such beauty.

Thank you again for sharing the unique beauty of each country and their people, so we also can get a glimpse of that adventure.

We do appreciate all your work and effort to put these programs together.


Nancy Pakdel

Dr Satish Shah New York

Hi Nino ,

Your slide shows are amazing.

We enjoyed your shows .

You speak slowly, correctly and properly

You are a great speaker

Hope one day we can join your tours

Thanks a million

Dr Satish Shah


Hi Nino,

Over the past few weeks i have seen photo presentations from many different groups.  You are singularly the most energetic and kind in your presentations.  You don’t say this place is just so so, you say things like wonderful, incredible, colorful and so on.  You present such great visual images to go with the images we see on the screen.

One fellow couldn’t remember to move his mouse pointer out of the image, and about 1/3rd were not in focus.  You have never had any of those situations happen.  The photos you present are so clear and sharp and well framed.  Many people give you compliments, but i am not sure how many know how difficult it really is to get good pics with good lighting and not a lot of people in them.


Jayashree and Dinesh Pradhan

Thank you Nino for your excellent presentations which we’ve been enjoying last few weeks. Several places we’ve already been to but your slides are exceptionally beautiful and presented along with maps and routes they make the virtual travel experience almost real.

We’re especially looking forward to your next presentation of Israel and Jordan.

Jayashree and Dinesh Pradhan

Krishna Murty

Dear Nino

Having studied about continents, mountains, oceans etc. as a child and never having been given the opportunity to visit some of these countries you take us to on this virtual trip, many of us are now experiencing the beauty of the world around us! Last week’s journey to Columbia, Ecuador and Peru was breathtaking! Hopefully Nino, once this pandemic clears away, you can arrange for us these travels to make our dreams come true!

Many thanks!

Krishna Murty

Varsha and Bharat Parekh in LA

Hi Nino

Thanks for your wonderful service. We really enjoy your travel talk every week. Always looking forward for the next  one. It also helps us mentally and emotionally during this Corona Pandemic situation.

Thanks for making the show interesting by sharing your own experience and knowledge about the places in detail with some breathtaking pictures!

Please keep us informed about your tours when you start again in future.

Take care.

Varsha/Bharat Parekh in LA

Ishita Roy Bhaumik 

Hi Nino,

Loved your presentation as usual. Was fascinated about the capsule living available on the mountain walls, that you had  mentioned. Please can you send a picture of that? Amazing how people would hike up all the way there and spend a night or two there and then come down. Wow!

Thanks for your beautiful presentations. I try to catch everyone of them but have missed a couple last month. My loss.

Anyway, keep up the good work & thanks again. God bless you for bringing the beauty of the world closer to home.

Ishita Roy Bhaumik

Norm Von Herzen

Thank you, Nino, for your superb webinar yesterday on Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. My adult son, Karl, and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. We are looking forward to your next Virtual Travel Talk.

Best regards,

Norm Von Herzen

Mukesh and Parinda Gandhi

We enjoyed the webinar very much. You are an amazing photographer and speaker. Loved the nice simple easy going way you presented the travel information.

Please keep up the good work you are doing for us to move our thoughts away from this COVID-19 lock down misery.

Thank you,

Mukesh and Parinda Gandhi

Neeta Patel

Hi Nino,

Just want to say that my mom and I really enjoy your Virtual Slide Shows. It’s very informative and we love the pictures you are showing. Thank you so much for taking the time to host the Virtual Travel Talks.

Denis Belley

Thank’s for your presentations. We have enjoyed them very much, my wife and I in this time of lockdown.

Bharati Patel

Oh wow what a beautiful and so informative show I am From Kenya so i enjoyed even more ….. you are an excellent narrator Thankyou and please do some more shows similar it will Be good for us seniors in this lockdown and tragic news around us daily .
Keep it up!

Krishna Murty
President, India Club of Laguna Woods

Just today I was reading a quote from Cynthia Ozick that said, “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”  I thought about it a little and then it struck me that with you Nino, we seem to be taking your weekend travel shows for granted!  Needless to say, all of us at India Club have thankful hearts to understand the enormous time and effort you have to put into presenting these beautiful shows. But many of us never really expressed our thanks to you in words. As a representative of India Club, it gives me great pleasure today to appreciate all the wonderful work and say thanks for so many things. Where shall I start? You will be amazed to know how many of us seniors have learnt to log into GoToMeeting and Zoom. We never heard of these things. Initially I got emails saying “What on earth are you talking about?”  And now, we wait for Saturdays with three things: our computers, our snacks and chai! Thanks Nino!

I want to let you know how you have enhanced our morale. This is a serious matter as many of us are quarantined alone in our apartments and imagine the fear of being unable to see friends and share a good show with them. I cannot tell you how many people have told me that they are lost in travel to these exotic places with your beautiful photography and narration style. And then the reality of the coronavirus-world returns when the show ends. Very sad!

At India Club, I have noticed that we have become better at facing the hurdles that the pandemic has thrown at us causing chaos in our lives. We obey the rules really well and are being good citizens. We entertain each other by sharing audio clips, videos, and jokes, all through the miracles of the internet! But your show beats them all! Let’s not get too used to these virtual shows from our sofas, else Nino, you will have no customers! Just kidding, we are ready with our bags!

Kalind Bakshi
( Pennsylvania)

Thanks very much for your wonderful presentation and detailed information – your knowledge and style is very commendable.

While we have visited Galapagos, etc, we do not mind seeing it through your eyes and would love to be with you on your next presentation.

Thanks again.


Nayana and I enjoyed today’s virtual tour of Ethiopia, Kenya and, Tanzania. We revisited Tanzania and Zanzibar today. Some of the photos were exquisite, Ethiopian ethnic diversity and culture was informative. Nicely done,  congratulations

Diane Steinberg

Your show was wonderful, told Linda too how much my husband and I enjoyed it.

I would like to know if you do have a recording of the African trip available,  so I can tell my relatives about it.

Thank you again for sharing your beautiful travel experience with us.


Louise Stuart

Looking forward to Macchu Picchu & Galapagos!

Thanks for being a bright spot in our isolation!



Mary Leizear

My friends, Marlo and Dick Miller, heard about you in their Southeast Asian   travels. They thought I would enjoy your photography and commentary.  You do a marvelous job and I love every minute!

I look forward to seeing the Galapagos through your camera lens. One of my favorite memories is snorkeling with a little penguin there in 2008.

Julia Wan

I have attended every travel show you have presented since March.  Your photos are the best!  I look forward to more travel presentations because we cannot travel until the Pandemic is over.

Thank you for your work.

Gopi Jindal

Show and contents and description was fantastic. You do every week very good job. I enjoyed watching it. Thanks.

Mukesh and Parinda Gandhi

We enjoyed the webinar very much. You are an amazing photographer and speaker. Loved the nice simple easy going way you presented the travel information.

Please keep up the good work you are doing for us to move our thoughts away from this COVID-19 lockdown misery.

Thank you,


Thank You.  Both Marilyn and I are really enjoying your presentations, especially the ones that are to places that I have not been.

Your presentations are really appreciated.  Thank you for continuing.

Anil and Sonal Desai

We have been enjoying all your presentation from Day 1.

You are offering wealth of information along with beautiful shots taken over the years.

I am an amateur photographer. I have developed an eye for a good picture. We have been fortunate to travel many places presented in your beautiful shots.

Manju Garg

Thank you very much for your travel show. Me my kids, grandchildren, friends, nieces and sister in law also enjoys it. In childhood my dream was to travel now I have traveled almost 60 countries including Cuba. You are doing such a noble thing for the community.

Thanks again.

Vinod and Ranjan Patel
Ft Lauderdale Florida

What an incredible virtual journey and yatra of Mt. Kailash. Breathtaking journey through the base of eastern Himalayas.

We also enjoyed your western Himalayan trip and journey through South America. Once travel resumes, I will definitely contact you to join one of your trips.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Linda Berman
Baton Rouge, LA

My husband and I have been enjoying your travel slide shows for past several weeks. We are avid travelers and because of the current situation, it is nice to continue traveling in a virtual way with you. The images are beautiful, and we find your narratives and anecdotes very interesting and engaging! We especially enjoyed the breathtaking landscapes in your Himalaya presentation last Saturday. We look forward to the opportunity to meeting you one of these days when life is not so complicated and thank you in person for giving us the opportunity to continue traveling the globe through your shows.

Jag Purohit
President, IASH, Cerritos CA

Dear Mr. Nino Mohan, Indeed, it was the most rewarding and educating experience attending your slide presentation On Himalayas. You have taken most beautiful pictures and your personal expedition experience, geographical knowledge and very Detail explanatory commentary surpass all standards. Thank you for your kind invitation to attend and pl do let me know your upcoming shows I will be very delighted to attend. Once again thank You for your kindness and selfless services to educate your audiences on most beautiful places to visit On this earth. With kind regards and love.

Krishna Murty
President India Club, Laguna Woods, CA

While I am all energized after my virtual travel to these different magical lands, I feel like Dorothy who is swept away on her trip to Oz. It just makes me want to take a real trip to some of these exotic places you so beautifully present. Needless to say, your narrative skills are amazing! Thanks Nino!

Hark Vasa
Not Tustin, CA

You are an excellent presenter and your collection of slides is also very unique and mazing.

Your voice comes out clearly and with high quality presentation, we want to stay glued on the screen and listen to each word from you.

Thanks for wonderful presentations.

I look forward to your future presentations soon.

Dinesh N Patel

At the outset, I would like to thank you for the noble service to our Indian community and community at large, especially in these times of mental and physical duress.

Your collection is out of this world (though being inside this world) and your style of narration is beyond words.

Shashi Jalota

I am a longtime admirer of your travel shows.  I met you in Laguna woods little more than 2 years ago and since then have attended several of your presentations and needless to say enjoyed them all.

I personally feel your photography is very sharp, crisp and captivating. Your narration comes across as very personal with tremendous knowledge and experience which makes the presentations very interesting.

I am really glad in these difficult circumstances you are keeping the senior communities all over engaged and entertained.

Manju Garg

I watched your travel slide show last week and enjoyed very much as I love to travel and traveled more than 50 countries. I missed your travel show on Africa last week is there any way I can watch because I haven’t been there.

Thank you for your program looking forward to watching next one.

Julian Wan
Irvine, CA

Thank you for the wonderful slide show of South Africa.  Your pictures/photographs are amazing.

Looking forward to next week on the Himalayas.

Take care,

Irvine, CA

Hi Nino, I really enjoyed the Africa presentation. You literally walked us through 3 countries. Given the times, your presentation was such a welcome change. Hopefully we will go to South Africa soon. Hope you and the the family are doing fine in these crazy times. We are all working from home. Kids are at home too.

Look forward to your next presentation!

Newport Beach, CA

Great to hear about the high turnout for Saturday! My supervisor was watching and enjoyed it very much!

Thank you,

From the very first day I saw your presentation I was in awe of the quality of you photographs and the immense knowledge you share.
In this time of social distancing and being cooped up at home I admire your selflessness to share your time, knowledge and inventory of photos with us, thank you, thank you thank you!!
When I was a teenager and going through college I used to work for a tour company taking passenger all around India and Sri Lanka. I thought I had seen a lot of India. After seeing your presentation I now realize that I have not even scratched the surface. Someday, I hope to travel with you to the far corners of the world if all the stars align.
Good Luck in all your ventures.
Best regards,
Bhartti Kumar
Newport Coast, CA

We’re lucky to have you and all your adventures..

You brought out the best of India and the presentation shows your passion for photography and the love for traveling

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ex-President of India Club of Laguna Woods

There is no question in my mind that taking your virtual tours is an unforgettable experience. In fact, I would recommend people to experience your virtual tour BEFORE planning one’s real tour of the countries.  Take notes on places you see on Nino’s tours so you can select these when you visit the place on your real tour.

Thank you again and again for showing these taking time to explain each and every one of your wonderful exquisite high-quality slide.  It is even more appreciated in the lock-down situation we are all in at the present.

Naren & Charu Maniar
Los Angeles, CA

I had a privilege of attending two of your last presentations and enjoyed it very much. Your pictures and their explanations were excellent. I felt you gave very appropriate and timely information to convey very useful and interesting information of the places. You must have a very good memory or follow some good notes. There was never a dull moment whatsoever.

Just keep up the exceptional job you are doing. We are looking forward to your next presentation and will make sure not to miss it. All the best.

Ami & Ketan
Coto de Caza, CA

Ami and I were very impressed by your South Africa slide show. This was the first we ever attended of your slide presentations.

I loved your narration of each slide. You were so natural and your feelings of you being at the locations, probably many times, were so apparent.

We are looking forward to other slide shoe presentations.


I only attended the presentation on South Africa and was thoroughly impressed by your presentation. I felt like I was on the trip in person.

Wishing you all the best.

Costa Mesa, CA

Nino – I’m a fan and I appreciate your taking the time to do this.  I have to say that your online presence is wonderful, and I feel like I’m in the room with you.  Fun stuff during a difficult time.

Cinzia B. A.
Costa Mesa, CA

Your travel presentations couldn’t happen in our lives at a better time, when, forced to follow the Safe at Home advice, we could travel just with our eyes and let our imagination follow the itinerary of the places we’d like to go once we can. Thanks for doing this for us, and everybody. It lifts the spirits to be remembered of how much we like to meet with the rest of the world, which we miss right now. And the photos you show are of an enjoyable quality which makes the presentation a Must See!

Ivan Alexander
Costa Mesa, CA

Thanks, Nino, for wonderful travel presentations. It’s a joy to visit lands and peoples I had never seen, if only virtually. But it is an additional joy to re-visit through your travel presentations places I had been before, such as Rajasthan in India, the Taj Mahal, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur on edge of Thar desert. Really looking forward to your future shows, including those elegant hotels and dining establishments in far off lands where you feel like a maharajah. Thanks!

Afrin S.
Tustin, CA

Enjoyed the virtual travel talk very much — Nino is a wonderful storyteller and his talks are filled with vivid descriptions of the places, culture, history and more. It certainly makes me want to visit each place we’ve heard him talk about! The photos are excellent, and the talks give amazing context by showing maps and other helpful images to understand where we are. His passion for travel and attention to detail shines through and we look forward to learning about more places and hopefully visiting them soon. Thank you for the virtual travel!