Balkans (meaning mountains) have a rich history with Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Yugoslavian influences. The Balkan experience is different from Western Europe it is rewarding because of the history, culture and relatively affordable travel costs. Food and wine are great, and sights are better and spectacular every day.

In Slovenia trip we will travel from the capital city Ljubljana to the Slovenian Alps to the Adriatic Sea. See beautiful landscapes, historic sites, its unique culture along with great food and wine. Slovenia is a cyclist’s paradise.

Croatia has an unusual shape – like a croissant! Croatia is famous for the cravat, Maraschino liqueur and the Dalmatian dog. Travel from Zagreb down to Split and Dubrovnik visiting Dalmatian villages. See beautiful Split and island of Hvar.

Bosnia-Herzegovina or B&H is also known as land of adventure. Dramatic rocky mountains cut down the middle with turquoise blue rivers and gushing waterfalls which carpet most of the country with epic gorges and valley drives. See Sarajevo, Mostar and Pocitelj. Enjoy Bosnia’s amazing coffee culture.

Serbia is a stunningly beautiful country that takes pride in its connection to nature, love of the outdoors, and its colorful heritage. We will travel to smaller villages and towns outside of Belgrade to truly experience this country.

Finally, we will visit Montenegro and Albania. Montenegro has imposing mountains, beautiful sea, idyllic villages, peaceful lakes and some of the finest food on the Mediterranean. Albania, Europe’s last unturned stone, is where nature exists freely, wandering horses and grazing cows everywhere.

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