Just today I was reading a quote from Cynthia Ozick that said, “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”  I thought about it a little and then it struck me that with you Nino, we seem to be taking your weekend travel shows for granted!  Needless to say, all of us at India Club have thankful hearts to understand the enormous time and effort you have to put into presenting these beautiful shows. But many of us never really expressed our thanks to you in words. As a representative of India Club, it gives me great pleasure today to appreciate all the wonderful work and say thanks for so many things. Where shall I start? You will be amazed to know how many of us seniors have learnt to log into GoToMeeting and Zoom. We never heard of these things. Initially I got emails saying “What on earth are you talking about?”  And now, we wait for Saturdays with three things: our computers, our snacks and chai! Thanks Nino!

I want to let you know how you have enhanced our morale. This is a serious matter as many of us are quarantined alone in our apartments and imagine the fear of being unable to see friends and share a good show with them. I cannot tell you how many people have told me that they are lost in travel to these exotic places with your beautiful photography and narration style. And then the reality of the coronavirus-world returns when the show ends. Very sad!

At India Club, I have noticed that we have become better at facing the hurdles that the pandemic has thrown at us causing chaos in our lives. We obey the rules really well and are being good citizens. We entertain each other by sharing audio clips, videos, and jokes, all through the miracles of the internet! But your show beats them all! Let’s not get too used to these virtual shows from our sofas, else Nino, you will have no customers! Just kidding, we are ready with our bags!