Dear Nino

‘What an incredible adventure for mountain lovers. Elena and I watched your Himalayas I webinar last night and the mountains in that area are truly magnificent. Such a beautiful part of our world and you do such a great job presenting it.  Thank you again, Nino.’

Re Countries of the Persian Gulf

‘We watched your show on our big TV and the photography was absolutely spectacular—so very many really stunning photos.  Yes, you are correct in that it was an eye opener but also a mind blower!  Simply had no idea of the extent of development in those countries.  And the architecture and design—no words to describe it.  It’s not only so beautiful but so interesting and pleasing to the eye that it’s almost other-worldly and ethereal , and so innovative.’ Thank you so much, Nino, for a marvelous tour of the Gulf Countries—truly amazing photography and presentation.  Sending you a virtual Abrazo for all your dedication and hard work to make this show possible today.’

Donna Jurado