Hola Nino,

I enjoyed watching your Himalayas 2 show even more the second time!  Such great photos to reinforce memories of our wonderful 2000 journey.  From the incomparable  Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling to Mt. Kailash it was magnificent!!  And Bhutan was, and I hope still is, a Shangri La of beauty and peacefulness. You were so lucky to see the Black Necked Cranes at Phobjika.  We missed them there but remember we did catch some of them up on the Tibetan Plateau.

Tibet has certainly been the highlight of all my traveling and I am so thankful that we were able to experience it in 2000 before the Chinese Deluge.  Surely a lot of the local color has been lost with 95% Chinese population and having a Blacktop road all the way to Everest Base Camp would certainly put a damper on the excitement and adventure of driving there.  Having it all to ourselves that day contributed to the spiritual experience.

We also still have our bottle of water from the Rongbuk Glacier.  It has been in the frig with a “Do not drink” sign on it and still is a fresh and pristine as when collected 20 years ago!!

Of course I still would love to go to Mt. Kailash—it will happen in my next life I am sure.   Did you do the trek around the Mountain?  Thank you again,  Nino, for planning that incredible 2000 trip and for joining us for part of it.  And for sharing all these wonderful photos and memories with us.