Dear Nino,

Elena and I watched your live webinar this morning.  What more can I say about your presentations?  Besides the spectacular photography and your fascinating description of each destination being the most special and beautiful in  the world, perhaps this one is your very best one.  We enjoyed every minute of it and how I would love to book a tour of Israel, Jordan and Egypt!!

Had  to laugh when you told about the merchants wanting to buy Zoya for a few camels!  When we were at Amboselli a Masái approached me and offered me 20 head of cattle in exchange for Joan.  Think he wanted her mane of red hair for his head dress to replace that of the ever more elusive lion.

Thank you so much, Nino!!  I love being able to travel with you in my recliner with my walker beside me!!

Saludos and Abrazos!!

Donna Jurado