Dear Nino:
First thank you for your brilliant, educational, and entertaining presentations. You enable me to
experience places to which I have never been, and indeed at my age probably never will. Your
Saturday Afternoon talks are a welcome break from this day-to-day similarity of our locked-down
electronic lives.

I would like to say just a few of the many things I enjoy
and like best about your talks:
 I respect and admire your dedication to preparing and giving these electronic talks.
 I greatly enjoy your sharing experiences that I can never expect to have.
 I enjoy your amazing collection of pictures unlike any with which I was formerly familiar.
 Your personal photography and choice of imagery is excellent.
 I delight in your worldly experiences, cultural differences, and perspectives.
 I like your cultural and historical contrasts; here and there; then and now.
 I have only been to 37 countries – I walk in your shadow.
 Please continue to share your wonderful experiences.

Thank You

Anthony E Smart, Costa Mesa CA