Hola Nino,

On Sunday afternoon Elena and I traveled with you to South Korea, Hong Kong and China and was sorry when your show had to end!  Had no idea that South Korea is so sublimely beautiful, and your presentation made me feel like I’ve almost been there!   And even less idea that China is such an enviable modern Superpower.  Culture shock does not even begin to describe it—mind blowing is a better term!  One has to admire and respect the Chinese for creating a super infrastructure, functional and innovative.   And your photography, Nino, is absolutely superb and spectacular.  You deserve at least ten stars for this one for both visual and narrative content!

China was just one more fabulous journey that I had to forego because of my orthopedic problems.  Do you remember planning a tour for my friend, Sheena, and me beginning in Hong Kong and with car and driver doing more or less the complete route on your Webinar?  That was about 2009 I think.  I still have the planning for that tour somewhere in my stored treasures from Venezuela.

Thank you so much, Nino!  It is truly a delight and a privilege to be able to travel with you via your shows.  Will be looking forward to the next one—perhaps Mongolia and the Stans?

Wishing you and family all the best.

Con un Abrazo!